The Flip Side of Justice – Who are you pointing at? – August 22, 2019

I discovered something that both Democrats and Republican can agree upon. It is that no matter what the issue is, it is always the other sides fault! As we approach another election year we can be sure to see the finger-pointing and blame-shifting increase. Why are we so quick to point the finger at one another?  The reason we point … Read More

The Flip Side of Justice – Discord Not Peace? – August 15th, 2019

What is the greatest baseball team in Texas? The Houston Astros of course! I may have already caused you to stop reading or at least upset you. In the DFW metroplex the Texas Rangers are clearly a favorite, but for me that Houston Astros are a much better team. I could go into a lengthy discussion about statistics and win … Read More

New – May 17th, 2019

Through the “Resurrection People” series we have been discovering attributes of resurrection people as learned through the first church in the book of Acts. We have spent most of our time discussing what resurrection people should do, but for just a moment I want to share with you a few things that resurrection people shouldn’t. Specifically what resurrection people shouldn’t … Read More

Roles – May 10th, 2019

Husband, father, son, brother, pastor, friend, and a colleague are just a few of the roles I serve in life right now. We all have various roles in life that we serve. Sometimes the roles are given to us, sometimes they are the roles we are born with, and sometimes we choose the role. Being a child of God is … Read More

Direction – May 3rd, 2019

Almost every day you follow directions whether you are aware of it or not. As a matter of fact on your way to work, school, or to run errands today you most likely followed directions given to you through traffic signals or signs. The purpose of direction is to lead us to a destination. I love building things, but I … Read More