The Expectant Crowd – 2/15/2019

It was my freshman year and a beautiful fall day on the Texas A&M campus, I was walking to my engineering 101 class when I heard the sound of chaos up ahead. As I approached the Memorial Student Center I noticed a crowd surrounding a table in Rudder Plaza. The university was handing out free “Maroon-out” t-shirts to students and … Read More

Pressing the Crowd – 2/8/2019

I have to admit something sort of strange about me. I get highly anxious around crowds, but not all crowds. I can very easily attend a Texas A&M football game where over 100,000 people are present, but going to the shopping mall on a busy day completely stresses me out. The frenzy and the crowd is not much different, yet … Read More

Greater Gifts: Being Needy – 1/27/2019

A few years back I had visited a young man in the hospital who had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. It was one of the most challenging moments for me as a pastor, but that was nothing compared to what that young man and his family experienced. The young man shared his story with me and how although his diagnosis caught … Read More

Greater Gifts: Grace to Us – 1/11/2019

And just like that the Christmas decorations have come down. I love Christmas season and I am always a little bit sad about it being over. Does the joy have to end just because the decorations have come down? What do we have left to remember the about Christmas season as it ends? The gifts! This past Tuesday was the … Read More