Kids Hope USA

This fall Cornerstone United Methodist Church will be looking to partner with Kids Hope USA to support the kids in our community. Too many students stand just one close adult relationship away from thriving in school and in life. This gap hinders education; loneliness obstructs learning. Yet every church’s most abundant resource is people. By partnering with Kids Hope USA we hope to help bridge the gap here in Garland/Richardson. In order to take the first steps, we need you! There are three ways you can be involved.

  1. Be a Mentor – A volunteer willing to share his/her most precious commodity: Time! Convinced that a student’s life can be changed, a reliable, caring mentor provides the love of presence and the hope for a better tomorrow. And together, with a prayer partner, a mentor’s deepest desire is to see a difference and make an impact.
  2. Prayer Partner – A volunteer committed to making consistent, steadfast appeals through prayer on behalf of a student and mentor. Through a shared commitment to a student, the prayer partner provides accountability to a mentor.
  3. Scholarship Provider – There are church members sitting in our congregation who, when they hear about Kids Hope USA, want to help but cannot afford the time away. Financial support on a per-student basis is a critical role in the Life Together relationship. A scholarship provider pledges a small amount of monthly support motivated by knowing that a student’s life is being changed for the better!

If you are interested in being a part of the partnership of Cornerstone UMC and Kids Hope USA, contact Pastor Chuck Church ([email protected]).