Best Year Yet – New Priorities (January 19th, 2018 )

We have all had that looming deadline in front of us that is beckoning us to get something done. This past week Cornerstone’s check out numbers were due to the conference office.  For those that do not know what “check out numbers” are, they are basically numbers that tell the conference office how we are doing as a church (plus a bunch of other stuff). This is not a difficult task but it is tedious and not a lot of fun. Therefore I did not have a lot of motivation to get it done. I did eventually get it done, but not without having to motivate myself several times.

Why is it that we procrastinate some tasks? I have several thoughts. Maybe it is that some task seem boring and we do not enjoy them. Maybe they are too difficult and we do not know where to start. Maybe there is a fear of incompetence, were we are worried that we will not be able to do a good job. I am sure there are many reasons we procrastinate. Procrastination is common but there are good ways to stop it.

  1. Chop it up – Don’t look at the task as one big task but break it up into segments. It is like that saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”
  2. Change your environment – Often it is not the task causing us to procrastinate but the distractions of our environment. Change it up and see if you can get something done when you eliminate the distractions.
  3. Be around people who are motivated – It is harder to procrastinate when those around you are working so hard.
  4. Don’t go it alone – Especially if the task is too difficult, get help.
  5. Set goals – Set goals that you know you can complete and then reward yourself appropriately for completing them.
  6. Stop overcomplicating things – Ditch the thoughts that are telling you that it is not the right time, you don’t have enough knowledge, you’re not ready, etc.
  7. Just do it – Like Nike’s slogan, just do it. Often if we can just get started we are surprised that it took us so long to do it.

So why would your pastor be sharing with you about procrastination? Well this Sunday we are going to talk about making new priorities and meeting them in 2018 so that we have our “best year yet”! Our scripture Sunday will focus on Jonah and how Jonah called by God had a task that he was hesitant to complete. We too have been called by God for a task. We are called to reach our neighbors. We are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Are we getting that done? To be honest, my interpretation of our check out numbers say that we are not. So we need to set “new priorities” we need to take steps and stop procrastinating our mission.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM for worship as we challenge each other to make “new priorities” and then stick around for a Collaborative Discipleship Pathway meeting at noon in the Loft as we discuss real direction in 2018 to meet those “new priorities”!