Next Dinner Church Gathering:

Date: TBD

Location: The Loft at Cornerstone UMC

What is Dinner Church?

At Dinner Church we have church around dinner tables. We understand that you may have a complicated relationship with the church and/or religion and that’s ok, because so do we! We seek to offer an experience where you can eat, sing, talk, and relax with a bunch of people trying to figure it out as well.

What is expected of me at Dinner Church?

Nothing! Just bring you. We will provide everything else. After a while if you feel like contributing to the meals you can, but it is not expected.

What about my kids?

Your kids eat, right? Then bring them! We sit around tables eating as families. There is no childcare at Dinner Church because we expect the kids to join us. Kids of all ages enjoy Dinner Church because there is yummy food and other kids to play with!

When does Dinner Church meet?

Our plan is to have Dinner Church every week. Currently we are in the phase of determining the best day of the week for us to meet. We know we can’t make everyone happy, but we will do our best. If you would like to help us determine the day, please fill out this survey.

Where does Dinner Church meet?

Dinner Church meets at Cornerstone United Methodist Church in the Loft. The room in located upstairs on the south-end of the building. There are future plans to have special evenings of Dinner Church at other locations, such as Hat Creek Burger and Breckinridge Park.

More questions?

Email Pastor Rick Hawkins at [email protected]