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Are We There Yet? (Advent Series)

The season of Advent is a highlight of any Christian’s life. It is a time of joy, color, light, and anticipation. And it is a time of worship! This is a season that calls us to fall to our knees in worship of the awesome God. Journeying together this Advent season will be the whole family of God, the ones … Read More

You 2.0

Purpose. POWER. Passion.   Most of us have received a message on our cell phone, computer, or other smart device telling us that a new version of software is available to download. Sometimes we ignore it. Sometimes we install it right away. There are many reasons we may choose to ignore it. Maybe we are afraid we won’t like the changes or … Read More

The Flip Side of Justice

The Flip Side of Justice is a worship series created by Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church. “Joy: The Flip Side of Justice” is a three-week journey to the understanding that when we as God’s people seek justice for God’s children and God’s creation, we will be able to experience true and lasting joy. The scriptures for these weeks … Read More

Resurrection People series begins April 28th

The gospel or great news of Jesus Christ is not just that he lived, but that he was resurrected and still lives, and we too are a part of that story! We are resurrected! BUT what does resurrection mean? What does it mean that we are resurrected? The Resurrection People series will offer insight into what it means to be a Resurrection People … Read More