You 2.0

PurposePOWER. Passion.


Most of us have received a message on our cell phone, computer, or other smart device telling us that a new version of software is available to download. Sometimes we ignore it. Sometimes we install it right away. There are many reasons we may choose to ignore it. Maybe we are afraid we won’t like the changes or maybe we just don’t have time to do it. The developers of our phone’s software and other smart devices implement these updates to increase security, remove bugs, and otherwise improve our hardware’s function. If we choose to ignore it, there can often be disastrous results.

The same is true for our lives. Our developer, God, has some updates for you and your life that are there to improve the wonderful you that you are! You can choose to ignore them or you can become You 2.0, a better version of yourself that knows your purpose, power, and passion. Join us this Fall (beginning September 8th) as we download and install YOU 2.0!

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