The Game of Life: Playing Well with Others – October 3rd, 2019

Board games are a great family activity and one that my family enjoys very much. Researchers of adolescence have shown that playing board games as a family can have several positive effects on children. Here are 5 reasons you should play board games:

  1. Board games make you smart. Playing board games increases brain function. Just like physical exercise makes our bodies stronger, playing a board game is a mental exercise. Studies have shown that children and adults who play board games regularly show improvements in both memory function and complex thought processes.
  2. Board games teach us to make goals and be patient. When we play board games we wait for our turn. In the process, we strategize and set short term goals to reach the ultimate goal of winning the game.
  3. Board games increase creativity and self-confidence. Playing encourages players to develop a stronger senses of creativity and individuality that lead to a greater self-esteem and a fulfilling feeling of being included and “noticed”.
  4. Board games teaches us an important life lesson. Not everyone wins. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. Playing board games teach us to try harder next time and evaluate why we lost.
  5. Board games strengthen relationships. Ever heard of a single player board game? I googled it and they are out there, but who thinks about playing by themselves when they think board games? Board games were meant to bring people together. Board games teach us the value in following rules and holding each other accountable to them. They also encourage team work and working together to achieve goals.

Some of you may disagree with the last reason. You have probably experienced the epic blow up while playing Monopoly because one person refused to trade properties. Maybe you have seen the young child meltdown becuase they were losing at Chutes and Ladders. But learning to struggle together through conflict, especially when that conflict is trivial, can and will strengthen relationship. Learning to play well with others is important and one that Jesus Christ tried to instill in the disciples. In Luke 17:1-10, Jesus teaches an important lesson on playing well with others that we will take a deeper look at this coming Sunday, October 6th.

This Sunday will be the first of a series called, The Game of Life, where we will use the classic board game of the same name to look at valuable life lessons we learn from it. Join us at 9:30 am for Sunday School and 10:30 am for worship as we learn why it is important that we play well with others.

In God’s grip,

Pastor Chuck Church