Resurrection People series begins April 28th

The gospel or great news of Jesus Christ is not just that he lived, but that he was resurrected and still lives, and we too are a part of that story! We are resurrected!

BUT what does resurrection mean? What does it mean that we are resurrected? The Resurrection People series will offer insight into what it means to be a Resurrection People and how we can live as such. The series will be following the early church, found in the Book of Acts. We will discover what gave them such great confidence, hope, and success in such a difficult time. The first church was faced with oppression, persecution, and conflicting ideologies, yet they persevered! In a time where we may be feeling similar difficulties, the church in the book of Acts is a great resource for our understanding of how we too can be Resurrection People.

The series will kick-off on Sunday, April 28th. You are invited to worship with us at 10:30 AM or dive in deeper with us at 9:30 AM in room 210 as we take a more in-depth look.

Can’t make it to worship service? Watch us live online on our YouTube channel or catch up on previous worship services!

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