Let’s Get Connected Through Realm

Hello all,

I want to introduce you to your new best friend here at Cornerstone! Her name is Realm. She is an online software available through your home computer, phone, tablet, or anywhere you can get online. Realm is a tool that will allow us to better communicate with you and allow you to better communicate with the church. Here are a few features that you will be able to use immediately:

  • Online Church Directory
  • Calendar and Event Registration
  • Communicate and Share with people in your small groups, Sunday School class, teams, and committees.
  • Giving: Currently you can check your giving statements and hopefully very soon you will even be able to give online.

The first step in order for you to be able to use these features is that we need for you to setup your account. We have a few options that we hope will work best for you:

  • Option 1: Have us sign you up. Over the next few Sundays we will be setting up a table in the foyer to personally help you get setup with your account.
  • Option 2: Sign up through the app:
    1. In your app store search for the app: “Connect: Our Church Community”
    2. Download the app to your phone or tablet.
    3. Use invite code: CUMCgarland
  • Option 3: Sign up through the website.
    1. Go to: https://onrealm.org/CUMCgarland
    2. Click “Register Now” and follow the directions.
  • Option 4: Make an appointment with Pastor Chuck (Mon-Thurs 9am-2pm) by emailing him at [email protected]

After you have been set up with an account you can use the available user guide here: (https://wiki.acstechnologies.com/display/realm/Congregants%27+Guide) or you can wait for one of our upcoming training sessions that are TBD.

Thank you for taking the time to get CONNECTED with Cornerstone UMC!

In God’s grip,

Pastor Chuck Church