Best Year Yet – New Maps (February 2nd, 2018)

New Maps

Imagine you have been selected for a top secret mission. You are told to travel to a new destination that you have never been to and you are given an outdated map to get there. Would you try to take a trip to an new destination completely relying on an outdated map? If your like me you wouldn’t. Although the map wouldn’t be completely unhelpful, it might not be efficient or even accurate. That is because the roads and highways are constantly changing.

The church has been given a top secret mission by Jesus Christ. We are told to go out and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. For over 20 centuries churches have been on this mission and various maps have been used to get there, but relying solely on those old maps could be disastrous. That is because like the changing roads and highways we have witnessed in our lives, culture is always changing as well. The way people communicate, socialize, eat, entertain, etc. are constantly changing.

The idea of a map for our missional purpose as a church is our internal understanding about how things ought to work and the habits and practices we develop over time based on these inner understandings. These missional maps, much like the GPS we may use in our cars, must be updated in order to be most effective. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM as we explore what it will take for us to develop new maps for the mission of the church.

Souper Bowl of Caring Update:

In the first half of the Souper Bowl of Caring, the Patriots lead the Eagles in a tight competition 62-61! Currently Cornerstone UMC and CCLC have collected more that 200 cans of soup for our local food banks, keep up the good work!

Chemo Care Bag Update:

On Wednesday, January 31st, Cornerstone UMC delivered 30 of the 50 Chemo Care Bags to Methodist Richardson Cancer Center, West Plano Oncology Center, and North Texas Oncology Center. It was such a blessing to see how happy these locations were to receive the care bags. Pictures to come soon. We still have about 20 Chemo Care Bags left if you know of anyone in need.

In God’s grip,

Pastor Chuck Church