March 10, 2017 In a few words ….

Pastor Carol

While certainly Lent is a familiar liturgical season that comes and goes with each year, this year it seems different. Not in some big and flashy way, but in a subtle and peaceful way that has seeped into the dark and unattended places of my soul. In this new experience of Lent I feel calm when the waters of things to do are raging; I feel grounded when the winds of change are unsettling. So what is it that has created this peace? I believe it has to do with the practice of the spiritual disciplines of our faith. Practices I have exercised for quite some time. Although, this year, I’ve added a new practice to my Lenten repertoire.

Wednesday night a small group of us, under the pastoral leadership of Br. Mark Stamm, gathered for an evening of prayer. This simple and intimate service united us in mind and heart through song, liturgy and prayer.  As we prayed for the concerns of our Cornerstone family, the broader community, the world, creation and the greater Church, I was comforted by this thought; No matter how difficult our lives or the world around us may seem, great solace can be taken in knowing we are not alone. We are not alone when we worship together, we are not alone when we sing together, we are not alone when we pray together and we are never alone even when we swear it to       be true.

We are the body of Christ called to transform hearts and lives through prayer, compassion and love.  By the grace of God we are connected to those who are there to love us, care for us and tend to the matters of our heart. Whether known or unknown, they are beacons of Gods’ love and light in the midst of the occasional shadow.

I give thanks for each of you. May we continue to shine the light of God so all may heal, so all will be encouraged, so all might clearly see.

Peace be yours ~

Pastor Carol