August 21st, 2017 In a few words…

Did you witness today’s solar eclipse? Michelle and I didn’t, thats because without thinking we had prepurchased tickets to a movie that day since our boys were going back to school. We thought about skipping the movie to witness the partial solar eclipse, but decided that spending the time together at the movie and lunch was more important. We had also noticed that in April 2024 the Dallas/Fort Worth area would be witnessing a total solar eclipse rather than a partial one like we did today. As we discussed that we thought about what life would be like in less than 7 years. Our oldest son Connor would be in his senior year of high school and our youngest would in the 6th grade. Where would we be we wondered. Would I still be the lead pastor of Cornerstone UMC? Would we still be living in Allen, Texas? What will life look like in April 2024?

Today’s solar eclipse has me thinking about the future. I wonder what my boys will look like in less than 7 years? Surely they will look much different than they do now because that is what happens when we grow. I also started to think about this church.  What will Cornerstone look like in 2024? It is my hope that we wouldn’t be able to recognize it. That we would have grown and reached so many of the people in our community that who we are has changed because we have grown.

If we are to grow, it will be because we have been intentional about discipleship. This past Sunday we experienced our second week of our sermon series, “See All the People”. In this series so far we have talked about our need for intentional discipleship, what a disciple is, and how we make disciples. This next week we are going to rediscover our “why” for discipleship. It is my belief that in rediscovering our “why” we will discover how our personal story and God’s story are connected and then be able to share that story with our neighbors. Join us to rediscover your “why” and prepare the church for growth. The future at Cornerstone is here and we do not have to wait to 2024 to see something spectacular!